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Powering high-level decision makers The media market has changed. Our new evidence challenges the current views on competition, regulation, taxation and business in media.

WHITEREPORT cross-media business intelligence is a GovTech & business-to-business innovator with expertise to help you design fair competition, regulation and taxation in the digital age.

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Kinga Incze
Founder & CEO
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Kinga Incze speaking
at Digital Media Strategies
2019 Conference
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quote We have developed Whitereport as a new market currency based on our media market expertise, to help decision-makers in the UK and beyond. quote
Kinga Incze, Founder & CEO of Whitereport
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#Unlockingdigitalcompetition Whitereport – GovTech Summit Roundtable Report

A diverse group of stakeholders, including competition and media lawyers, The New York Times, the representatives of governments, trade bodies and Whitereport, met in Paris to discuss digital competition.

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New, innovative tools to track cross-media reality, measure competition, and alert decision makers to distortions or the rise of new trends.
  • Whitereport UK database – financial performance of 1000+ content providers and digital platforms. More +
  • Competition Watch Pilot – financial performance of media related online platforms in the EU. More +
GovTech & B2B innovation
  • WhiteStars – a new service initiative to build trust in media, support brand safety and protect consumers from disinformation. More +
  • New business intelligence and GovTech solutions to tax authorities for the purposes of taxing digital service. More +
  • Digital ad sales product development for publishers More +
  • Whitereport – GovTech Summit Round Table, Nov 2019, Paris (closed). More +
  • Upcoming events in 2020. More +
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