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Powering high-level decision makers WHITEREPORT captures financial, commercial and ownership data to transform the way in which media-related business, regulatory and policy decisions are made. It does so by providing new data currencies, KPIs and unprecedented insights into what is a fragmented cross-media market.
Get support to know what to sell, buy, regulate, compare against or compete with, and to make growth sustainable.
Cross-media database of 1100+ UK media companies. League tables. Reports. KPI's. Consultancy.
Kinga Incze
Founder & CEO
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Kinga Incze speaking
at Digital Media Strategies
2019 Conference
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quote We have developed Whitereport as a new market currency based on our media market expertise, to help decision-makers in the UK and beyond. quote
Kinga Incze, Founder & CEO of Whitereport
Macro KPI’s of the media sector in the United Kingdom

+8% total turnover. +22% tax paid. -65% operating profit.

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League Tables
Compare the financial performance of 1100+ UK television, OTT, print, digital, radio, cinema and OOH companies. See how they match up against each other and as compared to the market overall. Are the biggest companies also the biggest taxpayers? ...

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Reality Check
To avoid a situation where misperceptions give rise to flawed decisions, Whitereport’s Reality Check Reports provide you with comprehensive insights about the size of the media market; the performances of large corporations and SMEs; profitability, dispersion by location and several other relevant market patterns.

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Financial Module
It has never been as easy as it is today to perform in-depth searches or to analyse and monitor the UK media market, including television, OTT, print, digital, radio, cinema and OOH firms. If you are an analyst, you might well become addicted to our searchable database of over 1100 media companies, which is available around the clock to our subscribers...

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Are you facing problems with growing or developing your business? Are you concerned about competition and regulatory issues in the transforming market environment? Are media transformation or M&A strategy on your agenda? We are here to advise.

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