Mission We at WHITEREPORT believe that all decision-makers, whether they work in business-to-business or business-to-government context, need 21st-century tools to keep up with market realities. Capturing financial, commercial and ownership data, WHITEREPORT transforms the way media-related business, regulatory and policy decisions are made by providing new currencies and unprecedented insights into what is a fragmented cross-media market. Our ambition is to provide those tools globally.

What we do WHITEREPORT provides independent database access, analytics and consultancy services based on our unique know-how in collecting public business and ownership data on all market players, including traditional and new media. We support decision makers in knowing what to sell, buy, regulate, compare against or compete with in order to make growth sustainable.

Origin WHITEREPORT was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 2011, founded by Ms Kinga Incze, former CEO of Universal McCann and of Magna Global Hungary, then founder of Mrs. White Media Consulting. WHITEREPORT was designed to help our clients become more aware of and better acquainted with the realities of the market, and to monitor the fragmented, ever-changing cross-media market with the help of essential facts and figures. We ended up developing a media industry tool and a new cross-media currency, WHITEREPORT.

The product offered by our company proved successful in our home country, helping a wide range of clients including the Hungarian equivalent of Ofcom (NMHH), RTL Hungary (a Bertelsmann company), Vodafone, the Hungarian Advertising Association, MediaWave, EY, Porsche Hungaria, the Digital Success Programme (a government programme analysing and supporting the digital economy), to name just a few. WHITEREPORT data and analyses are also used in media market related litigations.

Growth WHITEREPORT gained global traction when our product was named one of the most promising early-stage data innovations and received an invitation to exhibit at Collision US and Pioneers Vienna in 2016, as well as at the Lisbon Web Summit in 2017. WHITEREPORT Global Limited (founded in London in 2017) launched its first UK product, WHITEREPORT Financial, in October 2017.

Story WHITEREPORT was founded by media expert Ms Kinga Incze.
In 2009, Kinga and her team had just finished a major strategic media consulting project for Telekom Hungary, developing a 3-screen (mobile, internet and television) content platform system for new media brands. They had an extremely hard time collecting data that provide a proper overview of cross-media supply, market niches and financial potentials. The media market is extremely fragmented and has a very long tail that encompasses innumerable small media companies, and the existing data sources on the media industry did not cover the entire cross-media market.
This was both the final straw and a moment of inspiration: After 15 years of professional experience, Kinga realised that she was missing the big picture and the data that would help her capture the complexities of cross-media reality. As a former multinational media agency executive, she knew the lack of media market transparency was a global issue.
Thus, a few months later – she was not involved in day-to-day operations for a brief period after the birth of her second child – Kinga understood that a fundamental instrument was missing from the media industry toolkit. She decided to develop an easy-to-use, independent database and a new currency that would augment the audience metrics currently available with information about the entire cross-media supply, including financial, commercial and ownership data to help high level decision-makers determine what to develop, sell, buy, compete with and regulate.
WHITEREPORT was launched in February 2011 in Hungary and in October 2017 in the UK.

Contacts Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any of your queries.
Kinga Incze
Founder & CEO

T +44 7746 833539 kinga.incze@whitereport.global
Edina Piranszky
Client Service

T +(44)(0)7488 371 386 info@whitereport.global
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