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9 out of 10 UK media companies are in England, more than 3 in London According to WHITEREPORT
MAR 09, 2018

In light of the recent news of Channel 4 keeping its London headquarters but is set to invest considerably more in the UK's nations and regions as it undergoes the biggest structural change in its 35-year history, we thought it would be interesting to share our exclusive analysis related to locality and employee concentration of media companies currently across the UK.

Regional allocation of 1168 UK media companies
Source: WHITEREPORT cross-media data platform, www.whitereport.co.uk

In terms of regional allocation of the 1168 UK media companies identified in WHITEREPORT data base from public sources, 88% of UK media firms are registered in England.
There is a strong concentration in London – however ’only’ 405 media companies are settled in London itself, the majority of large companies are in the capital, so 80% of media company employees work in London too and a significant part of turnover, profit and tax are also produced in London.

WHITEREPORT’s post code analysis sheds light on an even more precise map that highlights that ’W’ and ’WC’ areas give places to the most media companies in London.

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