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Kinga Incze is amongst eight female business innovators of the first Female Founders Scale-up programme of PwC London & Blooming Founders
AUG 26, 2018

Kinga Incze, founder and CEO of Whitereport is amongst eight female-led scale-up leaders. Whitereport has been specifically hand picked to take part in the 2018 PwC & Blooming Founders Scale-up | Female Founders programme, designed to support growth stage businesses led by women. The selected scale-ups are all have already been transforming their industries and grow our companies – in the age when 1% of corporate procurement goes women-owned businesses according to a UN Women report.

Sheridan Ash, Women in Tech leader at PwC and The Tech She Can Charter founder, said:

“Innovation is all about connections, it’s a collaborative effort and it thrives in networks that contain a diversity of people, skills and types of organisations, small and large. The Scale | Female Founders programme's key aim is to provide those connections supporting women to thrive and grow their business. Our launch event provided a chance for all of those in the room to be a part of that ecosystem of support, from the PwC experts, the organisations that can be potential customers and suppliers or provide wonderful role models and mentors for female founders."

Kinga Incze, Founder & CEO of Whitereport Global Limited said:

”This is an incredible feeling to get to the mainstream of UK business life via PwC’s Scale programme. It’s an especially exciting time because most global and local consulting and data companies develop new tools, services to serve their clients.” Kinga added: ”Whitereport launched in the UK with the remarkable innovation of a single source database of 1100+ UK media companies, and extended services to include new Cross-Media KPIs, League Tables and insights which are available at www.whitereport.co.uk. We believe this is a great opportunity to accelerate our business network among media industry leaders, and grow commercial opportunities with the support of PwC UK.”

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