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Whitereport Cross-media Database Offers Exclusive Three-Day Free Trial For UK Launch
JAN 23, 2018

As part of Whitereport’s big UK launch we are offering an exclusive three-day free trial to media industry players. A bunch of UK media companies, consultancies and professional organisations are already testing how the innovative tool can support their own work and their clients’ work.

The Whitereport team above (on the left): Szilvia Marton COO, Kinga Incze, Founder & CEO, Timea Nagy CRO.

Whitereport is a tool that provides facts and analysis in terms of commercial, financial and ownership information of more than 1100 UK media companies to help B2B (Business to Business) and B2G (Business to Government) decision makers save time and money and make safer decisions in their regulatory, merger & acquisition, legal and marketing communication works. The searchable data platform, the League Table of the large and SME media companies are already available for trial users and subscribers.

Whitereport expanded to the UK because the problems they can help solve are international and even more crucial today. The media market has been changing from the 20th century from a limited amount of channels to an enormous number of print, online, television, radio channels - and their variations.

CEO and Founder of Whitereport, Kinga Incze says: “The fragmentation and the power of original content providers is underestimated. The media market is bigger than we think - imagine how a different view on cross-media market reality might impact business development and transformation of media companies - which is vital. We launched the searchable Whitereport database with the Financial module that provides a factual cross-media reality check for 1161 media companies of the UK in one single source platform. We offer a free three-day trial for media owners, agencies, marketers, regulators, competition lawyers and policy makers to experience how easy it is to gain comprehensive factual basic information and feel the power."

Hamish Sandison, UK Chairman of Whitereport added: "Think of cross-media competition, cross-media merger issues, when decision makers have to follow mostly 20th century regulations while the market supply has gotten much bigger and more cross-media. Measuring media plurality in the cross-media world is an important question- with Whitereport you can factually track how many tv, radio, print, online channels are available, how their financial and ownership facts and concentration are changing. So, the next step will be further build the database with the media Universe module. "

In Hungary Whitereport have premium clients that include regulators and media & brand owners, such as the Hungarian Media and Infocommunications Authority (the Hungarian Ofcom), the government’s Digital Success Programme, RTL Hungary (a Bertelsmann company), Artisjus, Vodafone, Ernst & Young and MEC media agency – just to mention a few.

The Whitereport core team consists of three female Hungarian media experts with alltogether 60 years of industry experience: Kinga Incze, CEO and Founder, Szilvia Marton, COO and Timea Nagy CRO. They also have two highly experienced UK board members: Hamish Sandison, Founding Chair of Fieldfisher Consulting and one of the top 500 UK lawyers in 2013 and Superlawyers in 2014 and Phil McCauley, co-founder of Prevost & McCauley Limited, a strategic business growth consultancy in London. He’s a seasoned entrepreneur with a huge network in London.

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