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#Unlockingdigitalcompetition Summary Report
#Unlockingdigitalcompetition Summary Report
JAN 22, 2020

A diverse group of stakeholders, including competition and media lawyers, The New York Times, the representatives of governments, trade bodies and Whitereport, met in Paris to discuss digital competition.

For the attention of
  • Regulators and policy makers, media and competition authorities in European countries;
  • Publishers, broadcast media and other content provider companies;
  • Global digital platforms, including streaming, social media and search companies;
  • Tax authorities;
  • Media and competition lawyers;
  • Business analysts, economists, media experts;
  • Lobby groups.

Find out more about the conversation by downloading our first #Unlockingdigitalcompetition report here+

Whitereport in UK Competition and Market Authority consultation
Whitereport in UK Competition and Market Authority consultation
DEC 18, 2019

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is carrying out a market study into online platforms and the digital advertising market in the UK. Whitereport was one of the 60+ organisations that submitted a response in July 2019.
On 18 December, 2019, the CMA published its interim report, and announced the next round of the consultation. Their summary cites several respondents, among them Whitereport.
Read the responses here – look for Whitereport’s suggestions on page B6 and B28.

Media Sustainability Conference, Budapest
Media Sustainability Conference, Budapest
NOV 26, 2019

Organised by the British Embassy in Budapest, the conference, Media Futures – A Central European Perspective, was moderated by Professor Richard Sambrook, Director of Cardiff University’s Centre for Journalism. The opening remarks of HMA Mr Iain Lindsay OBE was followed by two sections: Building Trust in the Media and Countering Disinformation, and Media Sustainability. In the Media Sustainability panel Richard Sambrook talked with

  • Kinga Incze, Founder and CEO of Whitereport
  • Ágnes Urbán, Associate Professor and head of the Infocommunications Department at Corvinus University of Budapest
  • Bánk Levente Boros, Director of Médianéző Központ
  • András Stumpf, Founding Member and journalist at
  • Ioana Avadani, Chair of Center for Independent Journalism, Romania

The live stream is available on the British Embassy Budapest’s Facebook page and here.

#Unlockingdigitalcompetition roundtable at the GovTech Summit, Paris
#Unlockingdigitalcompetition roundtable at the GovTech Summit, Paris
#Unlockingdigitalcompetition roundtable at the GovTech Summit, Paris
NOV 14, 2019

At the #Unlockingdigitalcompetition round table Whitereport invited high-level experts and decision-makers from all over Europe to engage in a professional debate, with no hidden lobbying agenda, to discuss how we might begin to redesign the framework of cross-media competition in the digital age, based on our new evidence and forecast.
According to Whitereport, one of the problems with current policy-making is that regulators, policy-makers, market players and independent analysts/innovators do not sufficiently engage in discussions. It is crucial to provide decision-makers with more evidence and new, innovative solutions, for quicker and better policy making.

"European governments should start redesigning rules not only to create a fairer cross-media competition framework, but also to embed a system which is future-proofed against new, and as yet unknown challenges from content and platform innovations."

See more on Whitereport’s Facebook page Mmonline The website of the Hungarian Embassy in Paris

Online campaign tool innovation
Online campaign tool innovation
NOV 5, 2019

We believe it is crucial for online publishers to develop new ad tools. Whitereport is proud to be part of the development of IndaMAx, a new online campaign tool. One of the biggest Hungarian digital-only publisher’s sales house, Indamedia launched IndaMax in November 2019 to present online display campaigns that are capable of building quick audience reach & awareness: within 24 hours brands can reach up to 30-40% of their target audience. The new proposition is part of the ‘Age of Screens’ television and online market analysis that Whitereport prepared for IndaMedia Sales. This was a follow-up to the first Hungarian Brand Safety B2B Survey that Whitereport conducted in January 2019 on commission from IndaMedia, to measure marketers’ understanding of this topic, to initiate industry standards by IndaMedia Sales, and to increase the quality of campaigns for the benefit of brands and quality content providers in Hungary.

Digiday’s European Publishing Summit, Budapest
OCT 21, 2019

Digiday brought the worlds' publishers to Budapest. Kinga Incze was invited to speak about the state of Hungarian media on 21 October. It was a fantastic opportunity to get inspired and to connect with hundreds of experts from all over the world.

Digiday’s European Publishing Summit, Budapest
Digiday’s European Publishing Summit, Budapest
Internet Hungary roundtable on online platform regulation
Internet Hungary roundtable on online platform regulation
OCT 1, 2019

"Hot topics in the Wine bar" – this was what we called our panel discussion at the biggest digital media conference, Internet Hungary. The discussion, chaired by Hamish Sandison, was initiated by Whitereport to call attention to the urgency of #unlockingdigitalcompetition and acting on a local level.

The panel included the CEO and co-owner of the biggest Hungarian pure-play online sales house, the regional policy manager of Google, media lawyer Mark Lengyel, the lead expert of the Digital Success Programme (the Hungarian government’s programme to support the digital ecosystem), and Kinga Incze, founder & CEO of Whitereport, who kicked off the panel discussion by sharing new cross-media evidence on the Hungarian market.

Whitereport on Euronews Talking Business with Guy Shone
Whitereport on Euronews Talking Business with Guy Shone
SEP 30, 2019

On the 30th Sept, 2019, edition of Talking Business on Euronews, Guy Shone reported on the upcoming Internet Hungary, an annual summit, highlighting Whitereport’s messages on the urgency of online platform regulation.

Watch the video here +
Whitereport’s response to the Competition and Market Authority’s consultation
SEP 1, 2019

The Competition and Markets Authority is carrying out a market study into online platforms and the digital advertising market in the UK. More information can be found here.

Download Whitereport’s response +
Kinga Incze speaking at the Women of Silicon Roundabout 2019
Whitereport at the Women of Silicon Roundabout 2019
JUN 26, 2019

Kinga Incze, founder and CEO of Whitereport, shared new analysis and insights at the Women of Silicon Roundabout 2019 conference in London. The conference hosted 6000+ business and tech women attending.

Download presentation +
Kinga Incze in the European Women in Tech delegation in London
Kinga Incze in the European Women in Tech delegation in London
JUN 10, 2019

Kinga Incze, founder and CEO of Whitereport, was invited by the British Embassy to attend the London Tech Week as part of a delegation of female tech founders from 16 European countries. The programme included workshops and networking events to help innovative start-up companies to scale.

Kinga Incze speaking at Digital Media Strategies 2019 Conference
Exclusive Whitereport insights at the Digital Media Conference 2019
APR, 2019

Kinga Incze, founder and CEO of Whitereport, delivered one of the keynote speeches at the Digital Media Conference 2019 in London. Her presentation on the Whitereport database entitled The State of Digital Media offered analysis and insights on recent trends in digital media and Whitereport’s role in understanding the changing media market

Whitereport’s analysis of 1000+ UK media companies provides an exclusive overview of the revenue, profits and tax payments of digital platforms and how these match up with the financial performance of traditional content providers. A financial analysis of the UK cross-media universe reveals that while the aggregated size of traditional media companies is still significantly larger than that of their digital counterparts, the fragmentation of this market segments results in intense competition among the players, while the size of global digital media companies gives them an edge that puts them in a strong competitive position in the UK media companies’ league table. Find out more + Download presentation +

TheNine - logo The inauguration of TheNine in Sept 2018 in London, with Whitereport CEO Kinga Incze in the middle
Kinga Incze is one of TheNine
FEB, 2019

TheNine is a group of nine women who met at PwC London’s first scale-up programme targeted at female start-up entrepreneurs whose B2B business innovations are on the verge of a market breakthrough. Kinga and her fellow female entrepreneurs live and breathe the excitement and challenges of growing their businesses, and they firmly believe in the critical role of working together to succeed, in supporting each other and building and fostering new solutions that lead to higher productivity and a better global business environment. Find out more +

What’s in the air – media market of Budapest-London
What’s in the air – media market of Budapest-London
DEC, 2018

Kinga Incze, founder and CEO of Whitereport, shares her company’s scale-up journey from Budapest to London in a professional blog written for the most popular Hungarian Martech news portal, The blogposts published on, provides snapshots that highlight the similarities and differences between the media markets in Budapest and London. Even though the UK media market is 35-40 times larger than the Hungarian market, they face similar challenges in the form of global digital disruptors, media regulation, cross-media competition transparency issues and so forth. Find out more +

From left to right: Krisztina Görög, Director, Foreign Direct Investment, DIT Central Europe Network of the British Embassy, Iain Lindsay OBE, the British Ambassador in Hungary, with Whitereport’s Kinga Incze, Hamish Sandison and Phil McCauley in Budapest.
NOV, 2018

Széchenyi Chain Bridge was a huge invention - the first bridge connecting Buda and Pest was built over 150 years ago and its construction was overseen by the Scottish civil engineer Adam Clark, based on plans drawn up by his namesake, the English engineer William Tierney Clark.
We’re fortunate to live in the 21st century when Hungarian inventions like Whitereport can scale up to the UK market. Read more +

Kinga Incze is amongst eight female business innovators of the first Female Founders Scale-up programme of PwC London & Blooming Founders
AUG 26, 2018

Kinga Incze, founder and CEO of Whitereport is amongst eight female-led scale-up leaders. Whitereport has been specifically hand picked to take part in the 2018 PwC & Blooming Founders Scale-up | Female Founders programme, designed to support growth stage businesses led by women. The selected scale-ups are all have already been transforming their industries and grow our companies – in the age when 1% of corporate procurement goes women-owned businesses according to a UN Women report. Read more +

Kinga Incze Joins Panel Discussion at BCCH
MAR 28, 2018

This exclusive event hosted by the British Embassy in Budapest and the British Chamber of Commerce in Hungary (BCCH) brought together a rare opportunity to discover the advantages of the UK as an investment destination for Hungarian innovative businesses.

Kinga Incze, CEO of Whitereport shared her wisdom with an engaged audience by joining an insightful panel discussion on first-hand best practices from Hungarian innovative startups. Read more +

Media Companies Regional Allocation
MAR 09, 2018

In light of the recent news of Channel 4 keeping its London headquarters but is set to invest considerably more in the UK's nations and regions as it undergoes the biggest structural change in its 35-year history, we thought it would be interesting to share our exclusive analysis related to locality and employee concentration of media companies currently across the UK. Read more +

Happy International Women’s Day From Whitereport
MAR 08, 2018

International Women's Day is celebrated across the globe to mark women being recognized for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political. Read more +

Whitereport CEO Becomes Member of MRG
MAR 06, 2018

Last month Kinga Incze, Whitereport CEO became a member of UK’s Media Research Group (MRG), a non-profit making organisation which aims to promote an understanding of the techniques and uses of media research.

MRG has been running since 1964 by an elected committee whose job is to organise the smooth running of group events such as evening meetings on the latest hot topics in media and media measurement, excellent education courses for those that are new to media research, an annual conference and various social events for members to let their hair down and network. Read more +

Battling The Snow For Whitereport Meetings
FEB 28, 2018

The snow may have disrupted most of London but it’s business as usual for Whitereport. Kinga and Hamish were rushing around London from one promising meeting to another. Here’s a great snap of them on route to meet the CEO of European Publishers. Read more +

Whitereport in Budapest Business Journal
FEB 09, 2018

We are thrilled to see our first press hit this year in Budapest Business Journal. To read the full article click here.

Whitereport Cross-media Database Offers Exclusive Three-Day Free Trial For UK Launch
JAN 23, 2018

As part of Whitereport’s big UK launch we are offering an exclusive three-day free trial to media industry players. A bunch of UK media companies, consultancies and professional organisations are already testing how the innovative tool can support their own work and their clients’ work.

Whitereport is a tool that provides facts and analysis in terms of commercial, financial and ownership information of more than 1100 UK media companies to help B2B (Business to Business) and B2G (Business to Government) decision makers save time and money and make safer decisions in their regulatory, merger & acquisition, legal and marketing communication works. The searchable data platform, the League Table of the large and SME media companies are already available for trial users and subscribers. Read more +

Excited to be Working With Whitereport
JAN 01, 2018

Hello, I’m Lavina Manamohan. I recently joined Whitereport as an independent PR Consultant to help grow the brand and product awareness across the UK and other international markets.

I started my career as a freelance journalist working for traditional print and broadcast media organisations including; The Evening Standard, CNN International, Al Jazeera English and and Viacom International before transitioning into the world of PR & Marketing in 2015. Read more + is officially open for business
OCT 26, 2017

Three Hungarian female media experts with an innovative cross-media data aggregation platform + 2 UK board directors = Lots of UK cross-media data and surprising new market insights (with great Hungarian wine at their launch party), with Bill Esterson MP, Shadow Minister for Business and International Trade, speaking as Guest of Honour, to welcome innovative companies expanding to the UK in the post-Brexit era.

By offering a unified, single-source cross-media platform that aggregates the commercial, financial and ownership data of all television, radio, print, online, out-of-home and cinema players, our Whitereport mediabrowser’s pioneering service helps media industry stakeholders to get a more transparent and factual view of the media market, and to track its ever-changing supply and demand. Read more +

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