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If you are interested in outsourcing analysis or in the input of fresh minds concerning the challenges you’re facing, our team is here for you to provide evidence-based innovative approaches and solutions from a fully independent perspective.

Are you facing problems with growing or developing your business? Are you concerned about competition and regulatory issues in the transforming market environment? Are media transformation or M&A strategy on your agenda? Are you looking for hard facts in media business-related litigation or policy-making? The less conventional the challenge, the more you’ll find that our team of experienced experts are exactly the guides you need to navigate it.

We at Whitereport believe that all decision-makers, whether they work in business-to-business or business-to-government contexts, need 21st-century tools and solutions to get to grips with supply and demand in the ever-changing and fragmented cross-media market. Our ambition is to provide those solutions globally.

Thanks to our game-changing tool, decision-makers at UK businesses, government and regulatory bodies can now avoid costly misperceptions in their assessments of market realities.

Our UK operation includes a roster of international media and research experts who are supported in their work by the legal and business expertise of our UK board.

We help clients in the following fields:

  • Media business development, transformation, business growth
  • M&A
  • Strategic consulting
  • Cross-media market competition
  • Media market litigation
  • Regulation related market issues
  • Market monitoring
  • Policy-making
  • Government issues (taxation in the media sector, SMEs, local competitiveness, etc.)
  • Media pluralism

Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to answer any of your queries.

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