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WHITEREPORT’s Cross-Media League Tables Media industry currencies nowadays mostly extend to audience measurement and advertising monitoring services. On top of these, however, WHITEREPORT expands the concept by including new market currencies and key performance indicators concerning the financial, commercial and ownership aspects of the entire media market. In the UK, the WHITEREPORT database collects public data about 1100+ UK television, radio, print, digital, cinema and OOH content and advertising space providers.

The public League Tables Top 10 below is designed to provide a quick glimpse into the performance of top media companies based on a few financial indicators. Click the indicators to see the Top 10 rankings by each indicator.

Cross-Media League Tables Top 10 Methodology Time of data collection: 10 Oct 2018

Two detailed reports, the UK Cross-Media Reality Check and a League Table Report are available to provide an overview of the ranking, competition and performance of media companies based on indicators including turnover, operational profits, taxes paid, turnover per employee, intangible assets and several other key data that inform a comprehensive understanding of the market.

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